Amazing! (best photographs from 2008)

You gotta see these pictures.
They are so amazing as to be hypnotizing.

Great pics Robert

Robert, thanks!

Too good ,not to bump on my way out the door.

Nice pics. Thanks Robert.

Great pics Robert, thank you.

Nice Pics Bob, thanks for sharing. :):smiley:

Fascinating, thanks for sharing the link, Merry Christmas.

That last picture of the surfer riding that big wave, I wounder if it is real quite right before the big wave rolls all the way over? I just bet all you can hear is your board cutting the water for a split second. When I used to Salomon ski sometimes all I heard was my ski cutting the water.

Love it, thanks for sharing

Great photos!! Thanks, Bob

Looks like there will be 2 more parts,so save the link.

Awesome Bob.

Good stuff, thanks.

Here is part 2

Part 3

very good of you to post this.