Coolest thing I have ever seen

In Mackanaw City (MI), they have had a very cold winter. The lake (Michigan) is heavily frozen.

Recently a crack in the ice developed (under pressure) and a huge wave erupted.

But, because the water was “fresh” (i.e., non salty, for those in AZ :wink: ), it, pretty much instantly froze (water,under pressure, has a higher freezing point)

The result, these huge, frozen waves.


mack wave 4.jpg

mack wave 4.jpg

mack wave 2.jpg

mack wave 3.jpg

mack wave1.jpg


This is the same principle I use when I created my, patented, “Beam and Coke Slushy”.

If you are all good, and give me many “greenies”, I my post the receipe :mrgreen:

That dang Global Warming sures does cause some funny things, yes siree.:wink:

Nice, Will!

I’ve got some very old pictures in a box (somewhere) that show frozen wave on lake Michigan like that only they curl more.

The lake is beautiful winter and summer. :smiley:

Perhaps in the summer but those pics make me shiver like a dog passing peach seeds:shock:

OMG!!! Charlie, You just made me spew tea all over my laptop… LOL

I would love to see that in person…AMAZING! Thanks for sharing.

You should try our rivers :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Al Gore may be very interested in this I will send him the link:roll:

Nice photo shop

That’s awesome Will!

Thanks for posting.

Thanks Will and Larry for share such awesome and awe-inspiring pix!

Yes and No.

Here ya go…actual Lake Michigan wave photo (spoiler: not very spectacular)

Originally Posted by cbottger
Perhaps in the summer but those pics make me shiver like a dog passing peach seeds:shock:

That’s kinky!!!:mrgreen:

OK. I was suckered. Sent the snopes link to the friend who sent me the pictures.

I have been getting “gray” posts because I haven’t given out my recipe for Jim Beam and Coke slushy. It uses this phenomenon. Here goes:

  1. Get a pint of Jim Beam (100 proof, black label) and a 20oz plastic bottle of coke.

  2. Get a double gulp cup from 7 - 11.

  3. Put the whiskey and coke in the freezer. Leave it there for about 3 hours. The whiskey is 1/2 ethonal and will not freeze. The coke is under pressure in the bottle and also will not freeze, until later.

  4. Fill the big gulp cup with ice, about 3/4 full.

  5. Pour the whiskey over the ice.

  6. FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY! Quickly open the coke bottle and quickly pour it into the cup. As the coke pours, it will partially freeze (it is already below freezing and the whiskey is also below 32 degrees).

  7. Kick back on your back porch, with a cigar and your favorite 22 or pellet rifle and pling at squirrels or other vermin that are forraging in your corn field.

Alchohol, tobbaco and firearms. What a wonderful mixture :mrgreen:

Hope this helps;

Lol. You gotta love it! Thanks for sharing, Will. I don’t own a gun, but I do own Barnett Quad Crossbow and hunting sling-shot. Will those work?

Wow… a reddie just for saying I liked Will’s photos…

Thanks and “luv you too mom”:cool:

I still like Will’s photos!!!:slight_smile:

Yo Bill Old mom has been real busy lately not smart enough to do more than 2 inspects a years so has lots of time on his hands:D Sent me one the other day also made my laugh for the day. We should all try to laugh at least once a day.

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