Amazing time piece

We were fortunate to be able to see this amazing time piece in the tower of a church we recently inspected.

The church was built in 1829 but a little research shows the E Howard company was formed around 1842 in Boston. The bell was stamped 1853.

This mechanize kept time on the clocks in the church tower and every one was accurate. As you can see it is spotless. A couple of toothbrushes and a rag were in the corner for regular cleaning.

The pendulum swung from it’s mount through the floor, it was amazing to see this still operating, just clicking away up inside the steeple.

st Baptist 188 (Small).JPG

Way cool…:smiley:

Very interesting indeed.

Very nice Peter

What interesting quality…Thanks! :smiley:



Definitely not made in China…

Thanks for sharing Peter!

Equally impressive was the main structure of the building. All post and beam framing, pegged together with no nails except for the roof sheathing.

Very timely post!

That was craftsmanship. Don’t see that much these days.

Craftsmanship … when a mans word meant what he said … agreements were done with a handshake … when there were issues, people sat down and talked through it (didn’t run get a lawyer) … No “SAFE ZONES”!

Our Country would do well to learn from elders / history … Beautiful to see, THANK YOU for sharing.

Being able to see things like that is one of our Perks :slight_smile:

I Inspect a lot of house built in the late 1800s here. People seem hesitant until I explain that that was a time when craftsmen took pride in their work and they were craftsmen. Have seen some really cool stuff ( along with complete garbage on rehabs).