Really old house

Thursday I inspected a 1692 home. Second oldest home in RI that is still a private residence. It was like a museum.



Very cool. I love inspecting historic homes.

That is impressive! One of the oldest homes in the nation. Any interesting findings?

nice looking house

Nice! Wonder if anything interesting was found

Well, the home was in surprisingly good condition. It is currently for sale. Although its a historical home it is a useable house. There is new electrical service (Right, any electrical would be newer), also gas service.

Another thing i find cool is the very large lumber used in supporting these homes. All fire places still operational, one large central stone “chimney” with 4-5 fire places built in to sides all the way around it. The photo shows a large cooking area. Although there are smoke detectors, i wonder how often they’d go off when using these wide open fireplaces.

All floors were old plank style wood floors.

It was like going into one of those “old town themed historical society” places where folks dress and act like its a couple hundred years ago I went to on school field trips.

Overall, very simple construction, big heavy beams, large nails looked hand made from a smithy. I’m glad I was hired to inspect this home. Other than that, not much to say, the home was relatively empty and currently for sale.

Next day I was in a house that was built in 2000, and sold for 1,250,000. Radiant heating and 400 amp electric and heated driveway. One extreme to the other last week.

Lucky you ! You should be proud.

Lucky, kind of. It sure beats inspecting the ten 30-60 year old 2 bedroom houses before that. At least from an interest stand point. Just lucky they chose me, and I like the interesting ones.

Proud, i suppose so. I’m reasonably proud of what I do in general.

Very interesting!

In Houston, there are people who consider a 2000 home to be old.

Very neat Mike. The oldest house I inspected was from 1873. It was the boyhood home of a famous Canadian classical musician/composer who died about 30 years ago before his time. His sister had been living there.