Amazon business

My name is Dave. I’m a new home inspector.Does anyone know if Amazon business is a good way to get home inspection leads ?

Hey Dave welcome! :cowboy_hat_face:
I checked out Amazon once.
I remember that you must list your pricing & people then shop & “order” right from their website. From what I have seen, the pricing is outrageously CHEAP, I guess good for people looking to hire an inspector by simply ordering inspection off the site based on PRICE only. So… basically, the cheapest with prostitute pricing wins!
Also I think Amazon takes a pretty big cut of the fee, like up to 30%
Certainly not for me.

Thank you for your help. I’ll do my homework on this and see if it’s even worth considering. Have a good day.

I contacted Amazon. One of their requirements was that you must have $1,000,000 insurance.
My state requires $500,000.

Thank you Peter.I do have a 1,000,000 general liability policy .I’m in Michigan. I’m not sure if I need that size ,but my agent made it seem like that.I suppose if I end up using Amazon I will need it,although from what I’ve heard from other people is that basically only the cheapest guy wins.
Thank you again.have a good day.