Selling Services on Amazon

Have you received your invite yet? Amazon takes a 15% cut and a monthly fee per employee. Just go to Amazon and search for a home inspector.

On the sign up form they had my website only email address and my Yelp address listed.

Thamks Scott for the tip-off.
This is what I got from my service area:
]({"area":"33428"}) Home Inspection - 2000 sq ft or Less, 25 to 50 Years
Estimate: $298.00

Cheap CRAP.

Another Home Advisor-Service Magic.

If a buyer is “smart enough” to use Amazon (or any similar service) for selection ~
no call/interview/concerns, etc., they will probably get exactly what they paid for!

And they take a 15% cut - wow.

Saw one for my area. Inspections were at least $100 lower than they should be. With the business as fast as it is up here, there shouldn’t be ANY inspection under $400, and yet there are inspectors in the $299 for any home to 3k sq ft.

Just received my confirmation email, I’m in! :mrgreen:

Is this your Zip code 95350 - I guess it takes a while for it to show up. You have to give back 15%?
Good luck.

                                                         We're sorry, no pros near ZIP           95350                   Available in select cities.

We’re continuing to expand and expect
to add this service soon.

Damn you pinned me down quick. I have not clicked on email link to sign up yet. Saw something real quick about no price structure in place yet for HIs. Finishing up other things at moment before continuing my investigating.