Americans now spend more on taxes than food, clothing and healthcare combined

Source Bureau of Labor Statistics.

And yet Joe Biden hired 87,000 new IRS agents to attack the middle class.

Elections have consequences.


…and the US Congress
wastes every penny!


Another graph that is way off balance. I pay half the tax in the graph and a lot more in food, clothing, and health care. Food alone is over 10,000.00 a year.


Well, when you eat lobster every night… :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


It’s the average. In general, the more you make the greater the ratio of taxes to food/clothing/healthcare.


Correct. Not even close to our budget

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It’s important to note that Nick’s graph is likely not just representing income taxes. It is an average of all taxes paid. Many of us don’t realize how much the smaller taxes add up to every year.

If it was just income tax in the chart, with an average income tax rate of around 13%, that would mean the average income would have to be around $130,000, which we know is not the case.

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The average household income is $67,521. $16,729 is 24.77% of $67,521. The average American pays about 13% in federal taxes and about 12% in all other taxes = 25%.

The chart is accurate.

If anything, the chart under-represents taxes paid. The Tax Foundation says we pay 29% on average: Tax Freedom Day® - Tax Foundation.


So basically, three months out of the year we work “for the greater good” as they say. Our “gift” to the community.

And then you learn nearly 50 percent pay no taxes at all and many receive earned income tax credit.

Yep, I’d say we carry our weight.


Lets be clear. Everyone pays some form of tax or another. If RICH Americans are using that old tax cry again due to midterm elections, don’t make me laugh.
Health care? Do the math.
Rich Americans have ridden the cooperate tax crutch and still do. Suck it up. Your rich.

Just for Clarification…“Armed” IRS Agents…


roll eyes

Funny that reading comprehension so lacking today. Adding 87,000 “employees” to the IRS over the next 10 years is NOT adding 87K “agents”. Is every employee considered an “agent” that will be armed…NO! Funny how the agenda keeps getting pushed that it’s 87K agents and all are going to armed. Some of you guys really need to take a chill pill and come back down to some sort of reality.


I’ve haven’t seen that. I thought it was just a smidgeon over 2,000 agents, 5,000 guns and a million rounds of ammo.

I feel so much better now.

Don’t forget the deadly force want-ad, thankfully they corrected that. Whew, I thought they meant it!


The IRS is currently seeking 300 Special Agents (the ones with the guns). Go to the webpage to see all locations where there are openings, but it is basically across the US.


A little older article, but can educate some here.

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We need to gut it all. Income tax withholding was only adopted to fund WWII and was supposed to end after the war was over.

Also, most of the taxes collected go to fund unconstitutional projects. Remember, the federal government only has a small number of duties, enumerated in the Constitution. Anything else it does is unconstitutional (illegal), and thus collecting money to fund illegal activities is also illegal.

Also, siphoning money out of the productive economy harms us all, even if you take it from tax cheats (which they aren’t really cheating, for reasons explained).

For those three reasons, they need to fire 87,000 agents, not hire 87,000 agents.

To compare to peers see

The sixteenth amendment was ratified in 1913.

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IRS was founded in 1862


It was the “civil war tax” that was temporary. In 1862, Lincoln appointed the first commissioner of Internal Revenue. The government enacted a temporary income tax to pay for war expenses. The tax was repealed 10 years later.