Credit card debt and Americans working more than one job are at all-time highs

What’s that say?

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Credit card debt is an all-time high in Canada. A new report from Equifax found Canada’s total consumer debt climbed to $2.36 trillion in the third quarter of this year , an increase of about 7.3 per cent from last year.

Much can be attributed to Russia/Ukraine, US past administration, and COVID-19.

It can all be attributed to the current US administration. President Trump has no control over the economy today, it is in the hands of Biden and his cronies.

Here’s his department secretary of nuclear waste. Seems like a legitimate qualified……

Trump Budget Continues Multi-Year Assault on IRS Funding Despite Mnuchin’s Call for More Resources
As explained, believe what you want but!!! the past administration assailed against the IRS to whom he thought were his enemy.

So what in the hell does this have to do with this…

What does a 18% reduction in the United States IRS budget have to do with credit card debt in Canada? That reduction was within a 12 year period by the way. I know you Canadian lefties always want to blame President Trump for your shortcomings but even this is a stretch.

I don’t think this is the place for politics or shaming your neighbor (even the international ones). PLEASE take your “agro” to Twitter. I think Elon likes it, right? Humor there fellas. BTW, pretty obvious that the past POTUS is an enemy of the IRS, right?

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I concur. Enough.

Also, not the place to post “groomer pix” whatever they may be.

“291,000 more Americans since March are working two or more jobs.”
More than what number I wonder…

I remember the days when my father was the only one that needed to work in my family. That would have been hard for my wife and I and that definitely won’t work for our children (I guess we’re not in the “executive salary” range).

I am very grateful though that I do have a relatively successful business to support our needs and some of our desires. Hopefully that will continue.

I am experiencing a slow down in business since the hikes in interest rates. That used to be normal for this time of year in my region but hasn’t been this slow for quite some time. I haven’t had CC debt for several years now and I hope I don’t need to rack it up again. I’m not liking the mortgage payments for a new home purchase right now. More people, more money, more housing, more debt - all not likely to stop, right?

Thanks Nick, you have created so much support for so many people!
Happy Holidays!