Amp draw

Hey guys

Currently I turn on emergency heat first to see if the heat strips are working. I have heard some guys do amp draws. I tried finding information on the this procedure but I can’t find it any where. What does this procedure consist of?

Can open panel, there are several places to clamp your amp meter to. Mainly Hot wire, BUT and I say BUT again, if you have not done it before, befriend a local electrician in your area, and he can show you !

Juan I will say one thing for you.
You are not afraid to try new services .:slight_smile:

I’m not afraid to at least ask. I have considered and asked some pretty dumb things. I asked Mr. Pope what an impedance test was. Obviously it’s not something I’d even consider after hearing about it. I asked about the NIFAST and the NRCIA. I had a feeling they were absolute crap but I had to ask. I haven’t even asked about the moisture free warranties. That really looks like a load of crap.

I look at all possibilities in this business. It’s my job to continue to learn about every little thing. I know you think I’m cocky and foolish but I really do have a grasp of what I’m doing here. I am also fully aware that I have a lot to learn.

Thanks James. I will do that.

Do a search on me I have posted this procedure with pic in the past;-)

I tried Charley!

Ok I forgot they remove the pics after a while here is another set.

This furnace had 3 elements deonted by the three round limit switches one has a black wire the other two have yellow wires color makes no difference inside the furnace,

In order to check the individual elements you must clamp the amp meter around each individual element’s wire. You are not looking for a specific amp draw but rather a lack of amp draw indicates a open circuit.

These little nicrome wire heating elements are 240 volts thus you can read amp draw from either side of the element it matters not

Try this one:D

Gotcha! So it’s kind of like checking breaker temps? You aren’t looking for a specific temperature but rather an anomaly?

Don’t sticking anything in that panel Juan unless you get some decent hands on training first


Just be careful Juan . Charley is right on. and in my opinion no worst than opening a panel .

Thanks guys. I’ll be sure to be careful.

Pretty simple you are looking for no amps period. No amp draw equals open circuit. These elements are activated by the sequencer as needed according to indoor temp. The short of it is you must turn the stat up to ensure the second sequencer is activated or calling for heat before determining that you have an open circuit (no amps)

Turning on emergency heat turns on the elements doesn’t it? I’ve read turning up the thermostat 2-3 degrees will also get the strips on? Do they always all turn on?

Yes that is correct turning the stat to emergency heat kills the HP exterior unit and brings on at least the first stage of the strip heat turning the stat up higher brings on the second stage strips.

Sequencers are used to prevent all the elements from being activated at the same time which would create to much initial amp draw.

Gotcha. So to do a proper amp draw, I need to wait a while so that all the sequencers activate all the strips?

Yes, talking 2 to 3 minutes total time

Got it. Anything else I should know?

Yes lots of things:p:D but not tonight I am going to bed;-):mrgreen: