Amp meter suggestions

I’m looking to purchase an amp meter to test to make sure there are loads on certain circuits. Not part of the SOP but this is for other types of inspections.

Anyone using an inexpensive model that they like? I see about 30 on Professional Equipment and it’s hard for me to choose one.

I also could just go to Lowes and pick one up but like to have some feedback on equipment before I buy.


The Fluke T5 is an awesome little tester. The amp range is a bit low though for commercial work.

Hi Rick,

I have owned one of the cheaper UEI ones for years and never had any issues with it, IMO you should buy one that has the longer clamp jaws as they are easier to get into cramped panel boards when testing HVAC amp draws and the like.

I’d recommend:



I thought the correct term was ammeter but I see Professional Equipment refers to amp meter. Are they different.

Even though it’s a brand name, I think you’ll find most electricians calling them an Amprobe, no matter who makes it.

I’m not sure what sort of resolution you’re looking for, but most electricians are carrying the Fluke T5-600 or the Fluke T5-1000 (same meter, different max voltage rating) for their every day meter. It takes amp readings accurate to within an amp. Probably good enough for most things, and it’s a pretty bullet proof multimeter to boot. They go on sale different places for right around 100 bucks. You can buy them pretty much everywhere tools are sold.

For an extra 10 bucks the T5-1000 transcat offer was the only choice…great service

Cheap throw away tools.