Circuit testers

I am looking into buying an electrical circuit tester. Does anyone have any info on which one to buy. I am the type of person who does not mind paying more for quality. Not saying I want the most expensive, but some brands are better than others.

Thanks in advance

You can go cheap and purchase the GFCI electrical tester.

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Or you can invest in a much better tester such as the Ideal Sure Tester.

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You can probably find these items cheaper by researching other dealers but I always use Professional Equipment. Home Depot also sells these items.

Thanks - I already have AFCI and GFCI testers, just wanted something more in depth. Thanks for taking the time to reply.:slight_smile:

You want in depth? Go for the FLUKE

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The fluke may be overkill unless you are going beyond the minimum SOP.
Suretest is something you can use non-invasively and it will give you a lot of information. With a ground pigtail adapter you can check bonding on a lot more than receptacles.

Suretest 61-165 with additional adapters…best way to go if price is not the issue.