Amp rating on AC unit.

On the AC units information tag: minimum circuit Ampactity - 22
Maximum fuse or circuit breaker 35 AMP.

The auxiliary exterior panel is rated at 60.

On the split unit the is 50 and 60 amp.

Explanation please.

The minimum rating is what the unit requires to operate normally after start up. The conductors feeding the unit must be sized appropriately for this rating.

The maximum fuse or circuit breaker capacity reflects the potential current draw during the initial start up of the system.

The 60 amp rating of the disconnect (auxiliary panel) means nothing really. It’s just a standard component used for disconnects.

If the disconnect does not have fuses sized appropriately for the condensing unit, the breakers are over-sized.

Jeff the minimum rating has to have wiring sized according to 125% of the minimum rating. Correct?

Many times the exterior 60 amp is just a tradesman disconnect and has no bearing as Jeff said. As long as the breaker FEEDING this disconnect is not over the maximum size (35 amps) and under the minimum size (22 amps) you should be good to go.

So in other words look to see if the feeder to the disconnect is 25, 30 or 35 amp breaker, anything else is unacceptable.

Does this answer the question and help you?

Does this help?

That is my understanding, yes.

The disconnect pictured in the OP appears to be a “blade-type” (pull-out) disconnect, with no internal fuses. If this is true, the breakers are over-sized for this unit.

yes, my confusion lay with the maximum amp breaker rating. The minimum is understandable for power consumption start up loading for motors and other electronic equipment.
I have seem many AC or heat pumps with a suggested maximum rating and the auxiliary panels breaker will not be over that rating.
There lay the contusion.
I thought that a breaker rated over the maximum amperage for a AC or heat pump unit may allow over current to effectively damage the electronics or the mechanic equipment.

Thanks for your reply Russel. I will have to read about the minimum rating has to have wiring sized according to 125% of the minimum rating.
Thank you.

Bingo! That was my understanding Jeff. Being uncomfortable calling this defect out I was taking the time to expand my electrical knowledge and in turn set in place what I had inspected n hopes I hypothesized a correct defective sequence.
Big thanks bother Jeffrey.
The call out was for an Licensed RBQ electrician. That way they are bonded.

There seem to be many amateurish wiring defects and deficiencies in the electrical system.
I know a call out is required with looking at the wiring jackets on the furnace breaker.
As for the double taps, that defect is one of the most predominant safety issues we run into I presume. I do anyway.
But the understanding of the sequences of the defective events in the electrical system will allow me to play an important roll in making me a better house detective and allowing my client to feel assured.

I can not thank you guys enough.
Best regards.