Need AC input.

House #1
AC unit calls for min. 15.6/max. 25 amps. AC fuses are 25 amp. AC breaker in panel box is 30 amp. All #10 wire.

House #2
AC unit calls for min. 19.3/max. 25 amps. AC fuses are 20 amp. AC breaker in panel box is 30 amp. All #10 wire.

Neither seems right.

Thanks in advance.

They both seem right to me. House #1 calls for a max of 25 amp, which you have at the unit. House #2 calls for a minimum of 19.3, and you have a 20 amp fuse at teh unit. Both witll work fine. The ‘oversized’ breaker in the box does not matter, as both units will shut off from the fuses if there is a problem.

Ya, what William said.:smiley:

The 30 amp breakers match the #10 wire.

The first unit should be alright wth the 25 amp fuses…the higher rating is usually written as the “locked rotor” or starting current.

Steady state current taken from the line with the rotor at standstill (at rated voltage and frequency). This is the current seen when starting the motor and load.

The 20 amp fuses may be “time delay” fuses that allow a higher start-up current momentarily and then allows it to return to the lower running current. Did you run the second unit and it had no problems? See:

The weakest link should always be the circuit breaker (or fuses in this case). The circuit breaker basically function as a disconnect switch.