Anchoring structure

I am attempting to refinance my “Modular” home… manufactured… mobile home… whatever. The broker keeps changing lenders and therefore the requirements as well. The newest one says we need to verify that our home is secured to the foundation as in HUD guidelines. How do I know if this is so?
And if it is, where do I find an engineer that will put it in writing?

T Hardy

What you need to do is to look in the yellow pages under “engineer” and find a structural engineer to do the inspection. The engineer needs to be a licensed professional structural enginner in the state where you live. In some states, a licensed professional civil engineer who specializes in residential building design can do the same inspection.

Other possible sources of information are local mobile home dealers and HUD itself.

The anchoring of modular and mobile homes is determined by the manufacturer’s installation instructions…which reflect HUD guidelines.

If the manufacturer’s installation instruction cannot be found or determined, if the unit has been moved, or if you are not the original owner, then anchoring requirements are usually determined by your local building code office.