Modular Home Tie Downs

Not sure if this has been asked but could use some help. Doing modular home in my area in Michigan a lot of the lenders require inspections for the tie downs. I hear there is a special certification you need to do them. If so, anyone have any idea how I could do this? In my area some people charge $450 to come out and look for the tie downs when I could charge a different fee and check while I’m already in the crawlspace. Any help in this area would be appreciated!


FHA permanent foundation inspections require a structural engineer to check the wind and seismic loads along with other miscellaneous items.


Some inspectors here are connected with a couple of engineering firms where the inspector goes to the site of the manufactured home, takes pictures and sends them to the firm for review and gets a fee for doing that.

I don’t have the names of the firms, so try searching for “manufactured foundations” using the magnifying glass, in the upper right hand corner of the main forum page.

Manufactured, not modular.


Call MFD Home Certifications in Grand Rapids 616-822-9070. Great people to work with.
You can get setup to handle the certifications the lenders require. Your’re simply collecting information and that gets forwarded to a structural P.E… They issue the actual report.

I have worked with two engineering firms: Hayman Engineering is in SC, Harrison Engineering is in TX.

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Hayman does not pay squat. They had to pay my price when they couldn’t find anyone else, but they have never called me since (years ago) and I have not missed them for a second. I am amazed that they can find a qualified person for what they pay.

Key word there is “qualified”… but like any other vendor feeding off of the Inspection and ‘Field Services’ industries… there are always starving newbies willing to whore themselves out for table scraps!