ancillary inspections

I am looking to add Septic,Water Quality, Pools and Spas to my inspections. Can anybody send info on these items.

This should get you started…


It would really help us answer your questions if we knew what location you are doing business in. Please add your location to the message board.

sorry Greg. I am located in New York. The Catskill’s or the Hudson Hudson valley.

Hey Chris,

Nothing to be sorry about. If you go to the control panel and click on edit your details. There you can put in your location where it asks (where you live). That way your location will show up on all of your messages under your join date.

Maybe NACHI could put together a quick reference chart to show new members how to complete these details so that we don’t have to go over this everytime someone new signs on.

Actually they did. Right next to the Control Panel option above, there is a FAQ link…

I am learning. thanks for the input.

Doesn’t matter if you are new are been around a while. We are all still learning… thats why we hang out here. :cool: