And another A/C condensate line discharge question

I have seen more and more A/C installers tap the A/C condensate discharge line in to a dry vent stack in the attic. I know that it’s not a good idea to do this because of possible backflow/contamination problems but is there a specific code that forbids this practice in California?



Probably the California plumbing code.

I do not believe any plumbing codes allow you to just “Tap” into vent lines without the proper fittings for one. :smiley:

Of course if the “Tap” in question is done with electrical/duct tape than it is probably ok.

And jsut for good measure irc 03 1411.3 (UMC 03 310.1) does not allow a direct condensate connection to a vent or waste connection.

Brian is correct. A direct tap to a vent pipe is not allowed - 2000 UMC 310.1

Oklahoma allows it if the furnace is a 90% er:D

Thank you. One and all. Not only do I get straight answers, I get a laugh or two as an added bonus!