Condensate Line

Line is under the bathroom vanity. I think it might be the condensate line from the AC. The AC & furnace is located above the ceiling between the 9th and 10th floor to the right of this bathroom.


Yep, that’s exactly what it is. That’s been a common installation around these parts for 6-8 years or more. One thing I have found is that if the condensate line is not trapped in the attic at the evap coil then you may get a gurgling sound there at the lavatory as the air pressure pushes the water out of the lavatory trap. Can’t tell you why the air doesn’t just exit the drain stopper but I’ve had 2-3 in the past year that gurgled pretty loudly and annoyingly. Oh, and I’ve also seen the rubber hoses kink due to too tight of a bend.

Thanks! There was a trap on the line coming off the A coil. Would you mention this in a report? This was in 20 story condo unit.

No, I wouldn’t report anything in this scenario.

Thanks! again.

The condensate drain cannot have a direct connection to a waste line, can it?. That setup is totally wrong in my opinion. It may draw odors back into the HVAC system. It violates c*de.

“P2706.3 Prohibited waste receptors. Plumbing fixtures that
are used for domestic or culinary purposes shall not be used to
receive the discharge of indirect waste piping.”

Condensate to the tail piece is ok, just as pictured

Source please.

Fair enough Joe but you made me get out of my chair. :smiley:

03 UMC 310.1

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I concur

What about hard connected to a plumbing vent in the attic?