Android + Florida Inspector = Needed

Let me know if any of you FL guys have an Android phone whether you’re coming this weekend (you better be!) or not.

I do & will be there.

I do and I will be there. Look forward to meeting you Dominic.

I will be there with a phone and tablet

I will be there with an EVO.

Will be arriving today… And yes, I’m an anti-iPhone user

I have a XOOM:D

Cool. I’m taking off for the airport now but will try to send you a file tonight when I land. Otherwise I’ll share tomorrow :wink:

Hmmm is the new Android Beta almost ready for prime time Dom?

If it is you guys are in for a treat as I had a sorta sneak preview back at the start of summer it it looked great.

I stay away from tablets but personally might be up for Android app as a way to sync with desktop later on.

The difference is it can be one handed and attached to a holster clip for fast use.

I use android phone also.