Angie's List article references InterNACHI's Code of Ethics.

That should be sent to every REA. The article is over two years old, but holds true today. All HI’s should take notice to this, as it is written by an outside party from our industry. Many HI’s have preached against “pay to play” actions, but many still participate in these “marketing programs”.

Soon, REA offices will be setting their standards high, for any HI or tradespersons, due to their insurance company requirements for lower rates. The sooner, the better for us all.

Check out the comment below…

Why didn’t you reply to it?

I don’t think it’s a conflict to inspect your own property.

I agree. I encourage my clients to perform their ‘due diligence’. Why should it be any different when I am my own client? Now, to avoid any perception of a conflict, I have disclosed in the PA that I will be performing my own inspection, but reserve the right to hire an inspector if I deem it prudent. This is very important as it may be necessary for the negotiation process, as a seller may ‘balk’ at my own inspection report findings.

I agree. Good idea.

Which brings up a good question. Do you have someone in your area that you would hire?

I consider him my prime competitor for both Residential and Commercial. We both have the same work ethic and philosophy. We actually have a very good working relationship. We hire each other when extra help is needed such as on Commercial jobs. We make ourselves available to cover for each other if and when we need time off for whatever reason. We have an understanding to accept whatever $$$ each other charges for a job referred from each other (we are virtually exactly the same anyway). For each of us, it is all about the client. Neither of us stray from that one point in mind. We frequently have referrals from referrals and have both worked for the same clients! If not my competitor, I would consider him the best business partner I could ever hope for. Heck, we even try and do “come along’s” every few years just to stay on top of our game. He’s a few (12-ish) years younger, and my knowledge and experience has made for some great cross-training.