Another Big Thanks To Nick and InterNACHI

So I typically get my share of inspections from the NACHI search feature. I get all types of inspections, like Home, commercial, Radon, Mold… over the years I have gotten many off all types.

OK so earlier this week I got another 1 for a home inspection. It was for a pretty decent sized home 10,000 sq ft, with Radon so the fee was nice $1,600.00 Well today was the day for the inspection. I went out with 3 of my other inspectors and we did out thing… The client and I hit it off well and were talking allday. Well the guy owns a pretty big environmental testing company. He was looking to find someone who was not only certified to test mold, but also other air quality testing like VOC, allergens, Radon etc…

OK now here is the good stuff :slight_smile: we hit it off great so he gave me a list of tests to try us out and if it all goes well (which it always does) I will be one of his “Guys” in my area. The tests he gave us just to try us out already are a sweet job, over 150 mold airr samples, 11 VOC tests, and 32 Radon tests.

Nick, my hat goes off to you once again.



Nice going Jim!


Thanks Jeff, it’s a big one and if all goes well it could be a long term relationship.


Nice client to pick-up.

All of the referrals I get from the NACHI search feature are in the hospital and need special credit card favors.

Great contact Jame, and Chuck stop sealing my InterNACHI leads.

Mine seem to be like Chucks OR wanta know if they put a third down can I finance the balance OR tell me the OTHER guy is offering to do up to 4,500sf for $350 and throwing in the termite FREE. How come I’m so much more.