Thanks Again Nick, Ben and the InterNACHI crew

I get my fair share of inspections from all of the InterNACHI search sites and I always appreciate them. I just walked in the door from another mold testing job where the client found me at It was a fairly large home so we did many tests and it turned out to be a very decent Saturday afternoon job. The best part is that the client was so happy with me and my assistant that he is having us do a complete HI this week on another property he owns also a decent job 4000sq ft home.

Thanks InterNACHI for all you guys do for us.


I believe the Prolab test kits are bringing the hits to the IAC2 site. I know several of my customers, who after they used their kits, contacted be for more testing. Which Nick needs to be appluaded for.

I am not sure where they came from but keep em comming…:cool: