Another Expert

Seller told me he had worked for so and so electric and had his electricians license. He also updated the panel so its in good shape.

I told the buyer to start over…:roll:

Looks like he was con “FUSED”.

An updated breaker box installed by a qualified electrical contractor would be a wise decision.

So, do you guys call out “fused” panels as ‘needing’ upgrade?

I call out “licensed electrician needing an upgrade” on this one

Why does it “need” upgrading? (The panel, not the seller).

I mean the so called electrician needs to upgrade his skills.

Well it has worked for the last 15 years , Sean is just picky lolololol

If the panel looks sufficent for the size home, and is in good working order I will not call it out for replacement, but suggest they consider it in the future. Some insurance companies will charge you higher rates.
In this particular instance, it would be easier to start over. Only 100 amps to the home, and he created such a mess it may be easier.

My actual statement was due to the amount of defects or incorrect wiring applications the buyer should have it fully evaluated…

By the time we get to them anyway they are usually victim to homeowners wiring and overcrowding anyway.

Thank you.

I hoped that would be your reply.

I asked it specifically for the newer inspectors and the (Nachi School) students, as this is one of those “be careful how and what you say moments”.

Umm,…looks…good…yea neat job.
But why the FuseTron ? :stuck_out_tongue: