Another Federal Pacific Stab loc

This Stab loc is a little different then the ones I normally see, it seems to be newer, but not new. All the breakers fit in nice and neat with nothing loose.

Should I make any “Bad” references to it?

I apologize for not having a picture, for some reason I have not been able to upload attachments in the last couple of weeks.

Panel is:


Basically the real problem with TRUE FPE panels is the breakers themselves. They lied to obtain UL status and have proven not to trip properly in a fault or overload condition so they need to be aware of these issues and in my opinion made aware of their options…

  1. Replace the breakers with newer UL listed breakers that have passed UL Testing.

  2. Have the panel evaluated by a licensed electrician to remove your liability .

If the breakers seem tight and the panel seems clean and no evidence of arching and so on then option 1 may be avalable to aleast give branch circuit protection it may not have currently…but then again it may trip fine…in my tests they dont trip well…

I used to say…oh it is fine but after a few years of seeing fires and damage from breakers that wont trip now atleast like to the breakers changed at the least…but it begins to be a cost issue since replacement breakers can be costly. I usually say if less than 20 breakers…and a clean well kept panel then replace breakers and if over 20 breakers…replace as it will cost about the same for a more modern approved panel.
Again…only my opinion as i am sure others will disagree…but i dont care about others…just what i feel…

Thanks for the info Paul.

Here are some photos for all to see.



These Guys don’t seem to agree with that analysis Paul:

I’ve stopped removing the dead front covers on FPE and Zinsco service panels. I write them up and let a sparky do the rest. I’ve had two FPE panels over the years arc while removing the dead front covers. Both times the subject breaker failed to trip. Conductors burnt till parted leaving me with a sparky bill for necessary repairs. I’ve also noted the sparky installing duct tape around the dead front cover to afford some contact protection from the main service lugs while re-installing the covers. Most the sparkys I bump into consider these panels hazardous.