Another home inspection reporting software company about to be purchased.

You heard it here first.

Heard what?

I don’t hear anything.

Crickets! :smiley:

The home inspection industry is ripe for consolidation and so it has begun.

Home Depot changed the residential remodeling industry and although they and Lowes have charged and gotten higher prices for average service at best there was a need for people who are afraid of hiring mom and pop businesses.
People trust brands more than other people.

The better inspectors will fight the takeovers using similar marketing and survive, those that don’t change will become employees. Inspection fees will rise and reports will become consistent catering more to loan officers and real estate agents as well as ancillary services. The buyers will be considered last.

You heard it here first.

The Great and Powerful OZ has spoken!:smiley:

I agree with all except the bold above. As the consolidations take place the larger companies will be lowering their fees and using more and more gimmicks to attract consumers to their typically worthless services. The better Inspectors will not want to or be able to lower their prices to minimum wage conditions and will leave. An already faulty industry (faulty in its quality of service with the lowballers) will degenerate to its lowest levels! Consumers will be the big losers!

My guess is 3D.

The future is starting to look bleak for independent home inspectors.

For some inspectors. Where there is turmoil there is always opportunity.

Give me an example…

I’ll be sending a mass email to my agent/contacts. Just a little warning. The only reason these companies are interested in the business is the literal millions of dollars worth of leads. The “opt in” button is a joke and temporary. Once these conglomerate’s realize nobody is opting in for a few bucks, they will be using that information due to a clause in the fine print or a new agreement you must sign to continue services.

HomeGauge has recently become an independent subsidiary of American Family Insurance Holdings.

That is true in all things

Okay Nick,

Which company will be bought by who?

Interesting as I see Home Gauge being part of this Insurance place now endorses ASHI apparently…Get a Better Home Inspector | American Family Insurance

Excellent move for American Family. Their home insurance policies offer the least amount of coverage for storm damage already and if they can get inspection reports on these homes into their database they will have their claim denials for pre-existing damage and/or improper installation written before the claim is even filed or, in many cases, before the policy is even written.

Naw say it isn’t so that a big company is using data for something it wasn’t intended for! :wink:

Welcome to the digital age people!!

So, this is evidently just another clickbait post.

I hate click bait. :roll: