Another Home Inspector cartoon. Enjoy.

Absolutly love it. Homey Spector, you da man!

Funny!..but it happens…or they want you to do it like that if they can get you to.:shock:

Thanks for the laugh, I wet my pants. Still laughing.

Can I link to these cartoons on my website? They really deliver a message but in a very funny way!

Copyright © 2007 Ted Glover and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc. Anyone wishing to use these cartoons should contact InterNACHI member Ted Glover at to obtain permission.

Make sure you tell him you’re a INachi member.

Homey don’t play that!! whoever is doing these, is my hero, well done.

Contact Ted Glover at to obtain permission to use and tell him thanks.:slight_smile:

There’s a HOMEY in every state.

I love the toons.