Another one found yesterday

This one town I inspect in must have a contractor that his elevator does not go to the top floor. This makes about the fouth one found with reduction in the liquid line.

Has that liquid line size been reduced or increased?
I can see that it’s 3/8 OD at the unit but can’t tell if the smaller line is on the condenser side or the house side.

On the house side just stubbed out about two feet of 3/8 and tied onto the old 1/4inch.

I see quite a few like this.
Old system had larger lines than are now needed and high side replaced using a portion of the old lines.

The results are;
Correct line sizes at the high side unit and then increased line sizes part of the way to the indoor AH.
Many times the reason is the old lines are not accessible and it doesn’t really matter if larger lines are used.

Now reduced line sizes are a horse of a different color.

I know that you already know all that, I just thought that some other people might not know.