Another public hearing regarding Washington State licensing in Wenatchee on July 11.

*The first public hearing for Home Inspectors was held on June 13th in Burien. We had a very good response with over 40 persons providing a statement. Representation was widespread with members from various associations, independent Home Inspectors, and representatives from organizations providing testimony that spanned the entire spectrum of opinion. Additionally, others chose to attend the hearing without speaking. Overall, nearly 60 people were in attendance. *
*We plan to have the transcribed statements from the first hearing back this week and will forward them on for your review. Please feel free to share these with others who have an interest. *
*We’ll be having the second public hearing in Wenatchee on July 11th, 2007 and again we invite the public to attend (details listed below). This hearing will be held in the same format as the first was and we hope it provides an opportunity for some additional interested parties to voice their opinions. Please note that we also would like to hear from you if you care to provide your thoughts in writing. You can email or send it to us at the contact information listed below. *

*Thank you. *
Bruce Chunn
Department of Licensing

I know that you appreciate what you feel to be the lack of association bias in this law, but it would be meangful for you to point out - along with that appreciation - how the proposed law actually fails to resolve any issue that it originally set out to address.