Washington Legislative Hearing Transcript

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[FONT=‘Century Schoolbook’]After some difficulty in trying to send the very large hearing transcription out to you, we’ve determined a better way to get the file to you. We’ve had it posted on our Internet website and you can access it by clicking on this link: [/FONT]

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Bruce Chunn, Management Analyst
State Department of Licensing
1125 Washington St. SE
MS 48027
Olympia, WA 98507-9030
Phone (360) 902-0119
Email: bchunn@dol.wa.gov

Thanks for posting the link Peter. The hearing transcript is alot of reading.
It gets’ a little mind numbing to filter through the content.
I was dissappointed that so much of the testimony came from educators, insurance brokers, etc.

These individuals have a vested interest in the legislation, not for consumer protection, but for monetary gain through providing their services to home inspectors.

The general tone of the hearing from inspectors seemed to be divided between testimony from the veteran/full time inspectors that (A) If there is going to be licensing then the bar should be set high (…to protect our business from all the newbies being cranked out of the diploma mills),
…and from the rookie/ don’t have enough business crowd (B)Licensing is needed to protect consumers from all the bad things that happen(…really it is to put rookies on the same level as the experienced inspectors with a State provided marketing plan)

I think it is important for all us “inspectors” to make our voice heard with the DOL. Remember you can write directly to Bruce @ DOL to make your case.
**Bruce Chunn, Management Analyst **
Washington State Department of Licensing
1125 Washington St. SE
MS 48027
Olympia, WA 98507-9030
Phone (360) 902-0119
Email: bchunn@dol.wa.gov

Thanks for the info and the link. For what ever good it will do, will take the time to put in my 2 cents worth with the DOL.

Instead of griping about it.

You are a little late. Look at the date of the original post. The State of Washington passed SB 6606 on March 10 and it was sent to the Governor for signature. Have not seen if it was signed yet.

Yes, it has been signed, but there is still more to do as the bill/legislation gets implemented at the Dept. of Licensing, so there is still a opportunity to participate in that.

6606 was signed into law on March 21, 2008 by Governor Gregoire

Some discussion can be found here. Go to page 2 for more recent discussions of this topic.

It is not too early to begin the groundwork to having this law repealed.

I think it’s too late for the Washinton State folks.
They didn’t make their case during the Sunrise process and now are stuck with this legislation.
The only thing given some clarity was the SPI license issue.

I think it was clear to begin with. Home inspectors never required a SPI license and, under the home inspection bill, still do not. It was created as a means of scaring off part-timers and others who could be convinced of some fictitious requirement.

Even the good Dr. Tsumi, when asked, explained that there was no requirement for home inspectors to get this.

I agree that it was sufficiently clear but now even that suspect requirment is gone.