Ant Recognition???

Hello all, I know these are not wood destroying but am looking for the name of these, any quick answers out there? Historically these are in dryer climates.


Carpenter ants. What makes you assume these are not wood destroying?

I know that carpenter ants are, but When I was inspecting in Wa these did not compare to any others, a majority of theses were in the hoses and on the pavement with some on the exterior wood, No frass or chewed up bugs were any where. Maybe I had a brain fart:shock: Do you have any good pics.

Stephen turn to page 41 of pest management book, does it look the same??

Yep, those are definitely Ants!

Now look in the middle of the pic you can see what appears to be a white sack, is that the larva? I also see that the legs are reddish which does indicate carpenter ants, Due to never seeing these in Idaho I need a little push before I call it out. I see more termites here.

I see a stripe on their abdomen, they look like a variety of Carpenter Ants.

Is the big one on the right a “major” with the head bigger than the rest of the body?
I saw no queens and the colony was so thick, typically they come out at night.
I think my only mistake was not grabbing a couple of them.

Troy, that was no mistake. Those mandibles hurt! :shock:

I carry a kit with me (usually) so I can bring them back and do more research.
I forgot. Crap

Had to go find the old book. The new book has color photos but does not have a good close up. In looking at the photo on page 41, the ant to the far right is a good example of what you have. Putting them side by side they are almost identical.

I would call them out. Here is a link to a great sheet on carpenter ants from Wazzu. I have it saved as a pdf file and anytime I find signs, I include it at the end of my report.

Send me a new book I Haven’t got one, Mine is ancient as you can tell

Would you send the pdf file at

New books can be purchased from WSU Extension. 1-800-723-1763 or online at this LINK Item is MISC0562

They have now added the Velvety Tree Ant.

Youv’e got mail. :slight_smile:

Thanks Again

From the link that was provided if you look at your photo and compare it to the pics on the link it looks like…
"Bottom middle–Intermediate worker"

Major brain fart Got it all thanks.

As a HI do generally call out wood destroying organisms in ID?
Here you need to be a pest guy do that. :smiley:

Idaho doesn’t have any HI regs, however when I was in WA I became certified in WDO/WDI So its Ok. Not many HI here are so its a bog advantage:D