Anti-siphon device on outside faucets?

Wouldn’t an RPZ valve and flow check on the domestic take care of that problem?

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I totaly agree except for the quality part. i fished threw a pallet of 2x4s this weekend at the depot, and had to dig to the bottom to get the strait ones. all the top ones were sloppily aranged by others and warping.

That’s the problem that I had at so many local yards in Texas, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and California all these years, mainly because they kept their lumber outside.

What I like about Lowes and Home Depot is that the lumber is inside, protected from the elements. So I find fewer warped boards. Of course, I can always tell when the trainload or truckload traveled through a rain storm on its way here because the whole pallet is warped, not just individual boards.

that’s true, but the biggest enemy to these 2xs (kept inside) is that no one straitens out the pile after people lay them on top of each other haphazardly. they lay them across each other and it kinda’ looks like a pile of “pick up sticks” from when i was a young lad (not that long ago). if you call them to deliver a bundle of boards, they take from the top and you end up with all the crap wood no one els wants, just so they can get rid of it and neaten up the pile at the same time. either way it’s a splinter in the back side so to speak. still better than an outside yard.:wink: :cool:

Well I’m glad I don’t live in New Hampshire then (among other reasons, too, of course :wink: ).

The workers here at Home Depot, Lowes, and Dixieline are constantly straightening out the lumber racks. That’s probably the #1 thing that most impresses me about the big box stores–they are trained just like grocery store clerks and bookstore clerks: always make sure the merchandise is straight, clean, undamaged, presentable, etc.

In many areas of retail it’s the presentation that counts.

In fact, I think presentation is about half the battle in anything, which is why I created my Interactive Report System. It relies heavily on WOW marketing to encourage my Clients to keep the reports forever and ever and refer to it and/or call me if they have questions, concerns, problems, etc., anytime down the road.

I’m finding it works well. In fact, I had a Client from seven months ago call a couple of days ago with the usually-but-not-with-me-dreaded-beginning: “You inspected my house xxx months ago. . . .”

In this case she was calling to tell me that
(1) she was now a Realtor,
(2) she wanted to refer all her Clients to me,
(3) she had read the complete home inspection report and was quite impressed with it,
(4) she had accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge about homes by reading the report,
(5) she found the information in the report easy to read and comprehensive yet not condescending, and
(6) I had made learning fun again for her.

She had been trying for a year to study and pass the state real estate exam; after reading my home inspection report, she was encouraged to study and try again. She and her husband found ways to make learning fun and she had passed on her next try.

The bubbly excitement and enthusiasm in her voice would have been priceless for my marketing. Alas, I didn’t record her phone call; I remembered the infamous NACHI TapeGate brew-ha-ha from the 2006 Convention which resulted in people being banished, buying crayons, and using too many emoticons in their NACHI posts. :smiley:

  1. what’s wrong with new hampshire? if it wasn’t for our crappy weather, yours wouldn’t look sooooo good:cool:

2)see RR, you do have a way with the ladies.:wink:

  1. nice job, realy. we should all take a lesson from you on preparing for future refurals. way to go RR.:smiley:

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Well at least you didn’t break out the crayons. :smiley:

Page 19 for anti siphon valve:twisted:

Yes but we’re they required when the house was built and inspected and passed the plumbing code at that time, If so in SC you should not report it. Unless recent modifications were made…As a gc I see inspection reports all the time stating the new codes were “grandfathered in” not true.