Backflow inspection

I had a call today from a city wanting 9 duplexes inspected for backflow. If anyone has any idea what this entails, please let me know. It’s probably a good paycheck, but I am unfamiliar with what they may want.

You have to be certified to work on backflows.


Backflow preventer on the water lines?

Or sewer pipes with backflow?

I don’t know what city your talking about…but…the city of Phoenix pay is just above the poverty level, so I’d pass on any more work for them without a doubt.


If a fire sprinkler or lawn/landscape irrigation system is installed, a backflow prevention device must be installed on the waterline feeding the system. The backflow prevention device stops water that could become contaminated from getting back into the domestic water system. These devices require an annual inspection to ensure that they are working properly.

Most municipals utilize private contractors’ (Home Inspectors) to perform these back-flow inspections.

As stated, You would need to be trained or certified in this type of inspection.

when I was in Arizona I was a certified Backflow Tester…I stayed the hell away from the cities work…I had my hands full with private work that actually paid better…

I never met a Home Inspector that did backflow…ever…ever…all were either plumbers or irrigation contractors.

I hear you guys. To top it off, I am speaking to a middle man. She does not now any details of the inspection so I can not get any answers. I may kindly pass. Besides, I would not know what kind of fees, contracts, and report this type of inspection needs. Anyone else interested? She says I am the only inspector who came up on google when she typed backflow as a keyword. My website is a blessing and a curse.