Any android update for homegauge or HIP?

Just wondering if there is any update as to when the android versions will be released. Thought they’d be out by know but I’m definitely no software engineer. Hoping they’re released before android becomes obsolete;)

Dom just sent the beta desktop version out and it is very close.
Android is going nowhere.

Better to wait and get it right if you want the best.

Home Gauge is still slated to release their Version 5 and Android version tomorrow, 2/15/12.

Try 3D it is on the Android Marketplace 3D Phone

Thanks for the update guys. Look forward to trying it out.

Hey Paul, I just read on the HG board that version 5 and android will be out towards the end of Feb. The delay has something to do with adding the “cloud” feature (Greek to me:roll:) which added a couple of weeks and also correcting a droid bug (locking up) when going from portrait to horizontal. Personally I’m more interested in the release of version 5, don’t think I’ll be using a phone, IPad, etc., to do reports.

Ha ha maybe HIP will release the same day.

Thanks Robert. I’m sure it will be great. I’d like to think that I might use a small hand held to input some data in the field but we’ll see. I thought the same thing about a netbook and it now collects dust!

Yeah, I have HG pocket PC and have gotten away from that since my camera is my “note taker” and I complete the report on my desktop. I’ll have to wait and see if the droid has features that would benefit me…