new toy

I took the plunge yesterday and got a samsung galaxy note. I’m now looking forward to the homegauge android release. This phone rocks.

It has just been released as I received the e-mail today!
Home Gauge 5 now blows away the competition.

I got an E-Blast about a week ago that said HG was having issues with a primary feature of the version and may have to scrap the app. You may want to look at HIP’s version for the upgrade. :neutral:

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! April Fools !!! :mrgreen:



Robert thanks for posting the news letter I didn’t want to ruffle feathers with those HIPpies! LOL

Who are they? :stuck_out_tongue: (JK They are sensitive, LOL)

Post #5… just proves what…

Post #4… stated, which makes…

Post #3… that much more credible!!!


Hi George,

I was looking to get the Note for home inspections. Was wondering on how its working out for you?

Love it! Large enough to see and small enough to fit in my tool pouch. It has sped me up greatly. Using the HG companion app has probably trimmed an hour to hour and a half off of my overall inspection/report writing time.