Any comments

Electric panel at 1 of today’s inspections…any comments?
As always, thanks!

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100_7071 (Small).JPG

Nice 200 amp PushMatic. Neutral/ground bar could use a little bit of tidying up.

That was the only note I made on this panel, about the neutral bar…Just like to get an expert opinion now & then to back me up.


I’m fairly new at this, but aren’t the neutral wires and the ground wires suppose to be on separate bars (in a perfect world of course)? And what about a neutral and a ground sharing the same lug? Doesn’t this create the potential for a hot ground?

Please tell me you’re not a home inspector.

I see at least one double tapped neutral, some marginally secured neutral and ground wires, and a little bit of rust. It is not as tidy as it could be.

ehyde, the neutral and ground wires are only separated in sub panels. In the service equipment (main panel) the neutrals and grounds generally share the same bus bar(s), and if they are sparated, they must be bonded together. I have never heard of the term “hot ground”.

Waiter…There seems to be a bunch of screws in my electrical box full of spaghetti!!!

Are you in here to share your pearls of wisdom or to insult the electronically challenged? If you’re going to post a reply, make it helpful. Thanks.

Pretty demanding, aren’t you, of a guy who otherwise gives of his time freely? I try to give helpful responses at all times, buy you’re reply in this thread begged the response I gave you. I’m not sure how you could inspect without this very fundamental understanding already mastered.

Originally Posted by ehyde
If you’re going to post a reply, make it helpful. Thanks.

I sure appreciate Marc’s help and know how great a help he has been to so many .
It is obvious you Mr. Hyde are reasonably new to our web site and we welcome you but
please do not belittle those who have been posting for a lot longer then you
( 680 to 20) and give so much information and their time.

Marc, we were all newbies once (Even you!). Cut the guy some slack.

There are no stupid questions, only those not asked.

I just asked him to tell me that he’s not a home inspector. I fully understand that not all NACHI members perform home inspections, which is why I asked. It did say that he was a NACHI member, which is what generated the concern. I’d ask a similar question of a person who claimed to be an electrical contractor who asks what gauge of wire to use for some particular load, for instance.

Sometimes tough responses are just what the doctor ordered. A little kick in the caboose to bone up on the education. Perhaps it ticked him off enough that he’d consider buying a couple of books or attending one of Paul’s next talks? Anyhow, when’s the last time you’ve heard me give such a response to anyone? Probably never, on this site. I save them for special occasions. This was one of them.

Mark, thank you for your obvioulyl educated responses on this subject. I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the different issues posted on this board. Your answers and coments are right on.

I’ll agree with that. I’ve been lurking on this message board for some time now and Mark is one of the brightest guys in here. I realize my question sounded ignorant, but so what. I’m a full time minister and a new part-time home inspector. Imagine if someone from my church asked me a theological question that sounded backwards and free of all churchy “shop talk” and my response was, “please tell me you’re not a Christian.”

I think the guy would be justified in accusing me of being a bit insulting, don’t you? Anyway, I’m not going to quit asking questions just because I run the risk of sounding like a moron. If Mark is too brilliant to stoop to my level, hopefully someone else will help this newbie out.