Calling all gurus!!

The panel today I made note of 10Gauge wire to 40 amp breakers.

My question is about more than 1 or 2 wires connected at the grounding or nuetral bars. I noted an area with 3 and there are some vacancies at the bus.

Do I need to call this out or am I being picky? Or Am I full of crap. (Just kidding)


The appliance connected to the 40 amp breaker may be a condenser and possibly allowed. If you did not already do it, have a sparky confirm that while he/she is correcting the neutral/ground bus.

Multiple neutrals is a relatively new restriction, but I don’t believe that grounds and neutrals were ever allowed to share a termination.

I ain’t no Guru, but that’s how I would call it.


Write it up as “Double lugged neutrals”. Each neutral wire must be on a separate terminal (408.21)

Only 1 neutral wire is allowed under a single lug. I see this defect every day and I also write it up every day.

Don’t forget about the white “hot wire” on your second pic. It must be marked as a hot by having an Electrician wrapping black tape around the end of the wire.


Jeff may be right about the 40 amp breaker. There was no A/C just the shut off & old refrigerant lines.

I would disagree with you Jeff about not being a guru.

You always take the time to answer on this forum and you seem to know your stuff.


…and, fortunately, he knows *our *stuff. too…