Any ethical issue for a HI, who is the Buyer, to also complete an Inspection?

I understand that the InterNACHI member shall not have any disclosed or undisclosed conflict of interest with the client. What if the “client” is the HI? Unless the lending institution requires an independent inspection to be completed, is there any ethical issue for a HI to complete their own home inspection?

I would not expect this to be ethical if the HI is the Seller, but as the Buyer, this would seem to be acceptable.

Thoughts and opinions?

Here is the closest thing in the PA state SOP

There is nothing there that would preclude you from conducting your own inspection. I would personally disclose to the other party that I was doing so.

Worked for us . Home came on market 9;00 am we booked an appointment for 3;00 . Arrived at the home and four adults 5 kids three dogs two loud tvs and the agent. and they all stayed in the home . Fortunately Char and I both CMIs did an instant inspection at same time two cameras we could hardly talk . Yes we bought the home others might not have all Rooms bright red . Paint and a little TLC , Great location.

I would let everyone know I was the buyer and inspect it.

Legally, it’s the buyers inspection period. The buyer can have whomever they want to inspect the property, be it themselves or otherwise.

However, if the buyer wants to go back to the seller with issues for repairs/credits/whatever after the inspection, the seller may say, no, this inspection is not objective.

The buyer doing their own inspection risks looking through the property with rose colored glasses and missing something simply because the buyer is emotionally invested in the home.

Hire the very best inspector in your area you can afford and shadow him/her, you may learn something. Take lots of pics during the inspection.

This is exactly what I did. I hired a really good inspector and then shadowed him. I pointed a couple things out and he did the same.

I have done this several times in Maryland on investment houses I was buying. I only had one seller’s agent complain, and the licensing board told her to suck it up.


That was foolish on her part. The same argument that she would use against you inspecting your own property could be turned against agents representing themselves in RE transactions.