Any Good Illustrations Of An >>

Looking for a new illustration of an Anti-Siphon device for hose bib ? What ya got homies ?


Then click on the Images tab. :wink:

I thought he might be able to figure that out. :wink:

Assume nothing! :mrgreen:

You guys are funny. What is the Google you talk about? hahaha I was hoping for something I haven’t seen already that someone here might use and be willing to share.:shock:


Perhaps you should have stated that disclaimer in your OP???:shock::mrgreen:

Why reinvent the wheel?

Not sure just what you are looking for I guess.

I use the small device that I picked up at the home center and I crop it next to older style faucet and place in the report.

The other one I believe I obtained from one of are fine members.


Back flow device (Small).jpg

Thanks Dave.:wink:


Thanks, David, I did not have that graphic.

Here is another

Thanks Troy, I like the illustration!!

Troy that is PERFECT



Here’s another…

hose bib.jpg

Inspectapedia has a good one of the built-in type:

I use this one:

backflow preventer.jpg

Thanks Robert, that is another good one.