Any Interest in a new Alberta Chapter

First off I would like to say that I don’t think there is anything wrong with the present Alberta Chapter, but, the idea behind a new Alberta InterNACHI Chapter is to make things simple again. The intent is to have a chapter that will have no membership fee, no designation for members other than what they have achieved in other organizations and to have a focus squarely on educational events. By that I mean meetings that are devoted to home inspectors learning from other inspectors and other outside and industry experts.

These meetings will have an entrance fee to cover whatever facility we use and possibly a meal.

If there is any interest in pursuing this, please email me at or and perhaps we can get this off the ground.

Daniel, Rather than create a new chapter, why not approach the existing one, which has worked so hard to get recognition for inspectors in Alberta with respect to licensing and make some suggestions about creating a networking group within AlbertaACHI?

It is far better to work with the existing group, even to the extent where you create a pro-bono networking group under the main umbrella. That way you gain access to all the infrastructure in-place, you have a built in audience to promote meetings to and you generate inclusiveness in the local association. Creating another totally separate chapter is in my opinion divisive and can only play into the hands of competitive associations.

We are trying to do just this in Ontario, by creating multiple networking chapters, where inspectors in local areas can get together and discuss relevant topics. Each Chapter is responsible for creating and funding its own meetings, but are part of the larger group.

You can then share you experiences with the central group who can pass your information out to other chapters allowing similar discussions to happen elsewhere in Alberta.

Just thought.

Hi Len,

Thanks for your thoughts on my post. It is not my idea to compete with other associations. Presently there are almost 300 InterNACHI inspectors in Alberta. Out of those, I believe 42 (including myself) are members of AlbertaACHI and that number is debatable.

A large number of the InterNACHI members were members of AlbertaACHI at one time or another and left either because they got what they needed (contract, testing, etc) or left because of differences of opinion with how the association was run.

There are a huge number of inspectors out there with lots of experience and knowledge that do not have access to other inspectors. What I would love to see is all of these experienced inspectors as well as inspectors in other associations come out to meetings to exchange knowledge. I would like to include any inspector in Alberta, not just the 42 that belong to AlbertaACHI.

That is a very good position to be in, all I’m saying is working with, rather than against AlbertaACHI, even if the membership of your “Chapter” is free, is still better than creating a fractious environment.

There are some inconsistencies in the way the Licensing has been introduced in Alberta that we are attempting to learn from in Ontario.

Given the way things work in other professional associations this will not be the first kick of the can for Alberta, and I believe, if legislation follows the pattern of these other professions, it will change to require membership of an Alberta Association as part of the Licensing eventually.

Working together will help in the exposure to the government process, and yet creating localised but connected “Chapters” will not distance the vast number of Inspectors from the core.

Personal issues will always exist, and the best way of fixing that problem is to stand for what you believe in a positive way. Join the association and stand for election, but be prepared to spend the time and effort to then follow through with your responsibilities.

You will see that just trying to create a “Birds-of-a-feather” group, keep in unified and develop sufficient, interesting and relevant content is difficult enough, just for networking.

Imagine then the difficulty of having to do that time ten, which is what executive board membership requires. We can’t please everyone all the time, but with good assistance we can at least do what most think is eight, and be corrected when we stray.

It is far easier to change an organisation from the inside, that from the sidelines. The only way of changing an organisation of any type from the outside is by destruction.

Just my observations from 40+ years of volunteer effort.

Well possibly I have not explained what my aim is clearly.

I have no interest in starting up an organization or chapter that will be approaching the government with licencing issues or ensuring that members are certified or even being a marketing entity that members can point to and say that because they are members or have these initials behind their name that they are better home inspectors.

Also, having arranged and hosted a number of AGM’s for AlbertaACHI I am well aware of the challenges of finding quality speakers and presenters. Also having served on the executive board in a number of capacities including president while licencing was coming into being in Alberta I do have an idea of the commitment required both in time and effort.

Once again, I am not challenging AlbertaACHI in any way and I have no desire to change what they are doing. I am trying to offer an inexpensive, open way for inspectors from any association to get together to learn from each other. If that is causing the destruction of another association or chapter then perhaps it should be called evolution.

Thanks again for your comments and if there is no other interest in this then it will just fade away…

I would say go for it advertise and hold the first meeting even if you only have 3 or 4 come.
I learned a lot at open groups just trading thoughts and Ideas .
Open it to all Homies and want to be inspectors .
It should be fun and all just might learn things .
You will be surprised how people will open up and trade info.
I have gone to well over 50 and enjoyed every one .
Please keep us posted how it goes .
If you need some ideas send me email my address is at the bottom.
Again thanks for doing this… Roy

Sounds like the new Logo for Ontario InterNachi Inspectors Dan.
Purpose is to give free to InterNachi Inspectors in Ontario and nothing more.
Receive free give free has always been a motivation for change.

Invite me to one of your meetings. I have an all new presentation.