Invitations to Alberta InterNACHI's licensing meeting going out to all AB members.

You should have them by next week.

Thanks Nick. Your fast response is amazing and much appreciated.

Pretty simple to explain, Vern…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

The $60 goes to the local Alberta chapter Brian.

Brian, the meeting room etc does not come for free. Alberta Members pay 43.00 per year to the chapter and 300.00 to InterNACHI and that pays their rent and all the services that InterNACHI provides. Members also contribute to the assoc. Non members pay for the service the members provide.
Maybe you should pay your dues and get the benifit of belonging to the best Inspection Association.

It is unfortunate Brian has much great knowledge to share .
He seems to get his enjoyment ridiculing NACHI and and the NACHI members.
A waste of time and effort as most now just ignore him and post more on the closed section where he can not go.

That’s some piece of legislation, the government didn’t do you any favours! They took your rights away to enter into contract as a business person, heaped enormous risk onto your shoulders and to add insult to injuries they want a $10k security bond.

It will be interesting to see how the insurers will respond now that they too will bare the burden of high risks, and have had one of their exculpatory clauses removed, that being their demand that inspectors insert liability clauses.

As I mentioned in an earlier post inspection rates should skyrocket due to the liability incurred upon you by your provincial government.

They really didn’t do their home work and enacted legislation not based on empirical data.

We are working on getting permission for license holders to substitute InterNACHI’s free Honor Guarantee in place of the $10K bond.