Any issue with how this was done

Wires clipped off at top of panel and also the over stripped main? Besides the overstripping being sloppy work is there any real hazard potential. Thanks for any help with this.

Kind of sloppy, for sure. I don’t see any real problem. Others may do, though

How about the paint overspray inside the panel…

Hey Marcel, this is something that I have never really called out. Is there a point where it becomes an issue like overspray on the breaker connections themselves or is the paint the way it is now an issue? Thanks for the feedback

Yes there is: Busbar & connectors painted over

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You should. This is always a defect. Is it a problem? Probably not.

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Ok thank you, I will start adding it to my reports.

If the panel is inside a wood-studded wall (or other combustible material), it has to be flush with the finished surface or protrude beyond it, otherwise it can be set back up to 1/4" from the surface. Also, there cannot be a gap of more than 1/8" around the panel (NEC 312.4) from noncombustible surface (usually sheetrock) that has a flush-type deadfront.

There is a difference between paint on the painted enclosure vs paint on the connection points for the breakers.

Is there no concern with an improperly terminated wire?

Terminating wires like that by simply cutting them off is never a safe alternative. There is always a possibility of backfeeding into the panel and now you have exposed live wires.

Thanks Simon it does appear to be steel stud. You can just barely make out the stud on the left hand side.

Drew, sorry for the confusion. I miss-worded what I was trying to convey. I edited it to make it more clear.

Ahh ok got it. Thank you