Any More flashlights for us hard working CMI's that had to work all day??

Just got in and I see there has been a party going on!

Just walked in the door…Long cold days here.

I think some of these gifts need to go to the #11 guy or the #22 guy or the second set of 10. Some of these inspectors have computers that are faster than my fingers.

Look in your tool bag :slight_smile:

10 hours at this computer already LMAO OUCH

I’ve been trying to get one, but not quick enough on the draw. :frowning:

Me too! how the hell do the get in so quick!

very true. mine is 15 years old LOL

Me too!

You did know that CMI stood for Constant Means of Income?

Gotta be fast on the draw!

Must be working 2 or 3 computers at a time !!!

By the time the signal goes from Colorado to Maine there are 25 responses. ;):slight_smile:

:mrgreen: Only 24 by the time it gets to Bracebridge !

I was between inspections and won a shirt. They were giving away a hundred of them. I was 85

You guys just wait here, I will come let you know when the thermal camera comes up.

:mrgreen:Yeah Chris, I could use a good flashlight, the Nachi one I won a few years back only lasted a year.

No luck is what it takes to win

Looks like the party is over!!
Oh well I likely made more money working then I would have gotten in free stuff.

Ya, I could use a new one. I have a rechargeable one that only lasts about 15 minutes now. The battery is pooched, and won’t hold a charge. I carry a couple small ones in my pocket, but I like the 1 million candlepower one for in attics.
Time to spring for a new one I guess…or maybe Santa will get me one !:slight_smile: