Any NASCAR fans want Jeff Gordon's tire?

I was given one with a certificate of authenticity, and I don’t even know who Jeff Gordon is.

I want it to go to a NASCAR fanatic though.

I do

Gary, are you a big NASCAR fan?

Looks like Gary D. Rowden is a winner Good for him … Roy

I’m a BIG NASCAR fan and the NFL of course. Thanks to my DIRECTV Genie I don’t miss any races. Even though Dale Earnhardt Jr. is my #1 NASCAR racer, Jeff Gordon is #2 with Jimmy Johnson as #3

Even though I’m a big fan of NASCAR, I have no problem passing this on if Jeff Gordon is your #1 driver.

Gary, I’ll have Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s tire for you at this event which is only 60 miles away from your home:

Wow Nick I’m so lost for words, that is such a generous offer, but I’m not going to be able to make this event as much as I would love too, I had already made vacation plans for the last 2 weeks of May. :frowning:

Tony Stewart fan myself.

Hey Nick,

How about we put you in a Richard Petty car and you take a few laps around Daytona?

Unfortunately we in Canada get short changed with the Car races .
We are loosing speed and all the Races are picked up by TSN in Canada .
They do not have any pre race show and if the race runs longer we miss out .
The after race show usually gone .
Same thing with F1 the pick up the British feed and they all talk funny and they play the car noise too LOUD…
We are not allowed to get Direct TV in Canada.

That really sucks Roy, I bet that 50% of the races go overtime and the best part of the race is the final 10-20 laps

you arent missing anything not watching races. round and round woooohooo. here they come again. I went to the brick yard once and couldnt wait to get out of there. Loud as $^%%&

While NASCAR may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the same could be said for other sports. While I may have no interest at all to watch a regular season games of baseball or basketball, I do enjoy the World Series and Basketball Championship.

Jeff Gordon is my guy! If this is still around I would love to have it!

What do you do with a used tire? All I can think of is to hang it from a tree.

Put a glass top on it and use it for an end table in your man cave.

yeah I guess that would work.

Kyle Busch fan myself.

I have learned that before you have a baby and lay on the couch and watch TV on a Sunday afternoon, you are lazy.

But when you have a baby and lay around on the couch on a Sunday afternoon and watch Nascar WITH your baby, its cute.

Win Win.

If the race is not on TV due to rain delay, you can stream it. I do anyways.

I will be behind the wheel of a NASCAR race car on April 26, 2014


I will be going with some realtors that invited me. :wink: No I’m not paying for them! I will be doing 12 laps. I have never done this before. It should be fun.

If nobody wants or can get the tire I will take it. I will even pick it up at your office Nick!