Any thoughts on this?



The multiple tapped lugs are wrong. It is too crowded to see if other issues exist.

Yes. I called that out and much more. What bothers me most is when I told them they need to seek further evaluation from a licensed electrician they told me an inspector said all was well with it. I just said I don’t think so. There are three panels and one has fuses along with just a mess of wires running everywhere, double and triple taps. I would rip it all out and install one new panel the right way.

Brand New Remodel on this one.

Where are the Code Enforcement Officers.

100 amp breaker top left. Nothing on right, right?

Look again.

No wonder the cover had a bulge in it.

Plus pointed screws, mix and match breakers, missing connectors etc…:):wink:

Wow! maybe they wanted to keep people from flipping it:mrgreen:

Two points on Waynes post:

  1. Why are requesting further evaluation by an electrician. You should be requesting repair. You have already determined that it is wrong. He will do his own evaluation when he has to repair it.

  2. Tell them to get it in writing from the inspector that their are not violations in that box.

You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink

Ugh…just when you think you have trained everyone…someone says this is ok wiring practices. Good for you telling the owner the facts…now find out who the HI was who told him it was ok…and have them call me…:slight_smile:

I have some information for them…:wink:

How is this for a referral!
[FONT=Arial] I have had an electric contractor visit the house who reviewed your report and then commented “. I don’t have much **respect **for these fellows”. The contractor then inspected the house electrics and then commented “That guy did a good job”. The electricians who came to do everything from fixing the panel to correcting the polarity on several outlets echoed that comment. I will be following up on the plumbing and miscellaneous item you noted before the summer is over. It is reassuring to now be living in a house where the serious electrical problems you noted have been rectified.[/FONT]
And you wonder why we have a problem!!!

It’s not my job to tell the electrician what his job should be. My recommendations are noted in the report which you have not seen. For all I know the electrician will agree with the last inspector. There is more to the story than you know and will not put it here on the message board. The electrician has been sent my report by the home buyer and will make sure all is well. Thanks for your input on my report but the subject in question was the panels.

Low Quality Work
Proper Labeling is avoided

Of course they are going to say such and such said “it is ok”. Typical response, nothing surprising there. Stand your ground and reaffirm to your client the issues must be corrected. Whether it is addressed and by whom is a mute point. Due diligence has been performed and you have provided an invaluable service to your client. No need to create a confrontational atmosphere with the homeowner or the agent. Keep things constructive.

Must, may, should and shall be are all in the report but must be in the correct place.
If you look at all Codes you will find that when it comes to safety it uses the strong word.
“Shall” indicates a mandatory requirement; “Should” Indicates a recommendation or that which as advised but not mandatory; “May” indicates and** advisory** or optional statement.
Be careful when using the word “Shall” as you must remember this word is reserved for AHJ or the Code Officials under issues like this one.