Any TN Inspectors WDO certified?

What are the requirements for writing a WDO letter in Tennessee?

Are you referring to NPMA-33 form? you need a license from Department of Agriculture.

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Hey Simon I just passed my Nachi test I am having a hard time figuring out how to go take my state test any recommendations

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They are scheduled through PSI.

Where is this requirement? I cannot find it on the Dept of Commerce website under Licensing. And I cannot find it in the Dept of Ag. They only talk about Remediation of WDO (Spraying). There are pages and pages about spraying.
We are not treating, just inspecting.

Can someone point me to a requirements page at the state?


James, sorry, I don’t recall now. Call the DOA and ask them. Let us know what they say.

Ben just posted this on another thread. Might be helpful to you.

James Davis,
in TN, you need the same license as someone who sprays in order to do WDO during your home inspection. I know it sounds silly, but those are the rules in TN.

This is from the TN licensing website FAQ (Frequently asked Questions):

Q - "I want to start up a home inspection service for potential home buyers. I’d also like to be able to issue termite clearance letters and advise homeowners about controlling termites and other pests. Does TAPA require me to obtain any sort of license to do this?"

A - Wood destroying organism inspection reports may only be issued by firms that are chartered to provide wood destroying organism treatments. Reports must be issued on forms provided by the National Pest Control Association or the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. Such reports are to be warranted for 90 days, and persons knowingly issuing a false report are subject to legal action.

For complete details about getting licensed to do WDO letters, go to this link at the Tennessee Department of Agriculture Licensing division: Certification, Licensing and Charters


Thanks so much. I can’t believe my hour of google search didn"t hit that. Silly requirement.

So, do you guys partner with a local termite company to offer those services as paired?


I have two local pest companies I refer to my customers. Some local inspectors get their TN pest license so they can offer all the services and increase their average inspection fee. Donnie Bentley is one of the inspectors offering WDO letters. You talked to him about a job a couple weeks back.

Call the TN Dpt of Agriculture.

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Yeah it’s crazy. I found it better to just contract out. I make 5-10 bucks for my time but I think it would be hard to actually recoup my costs of getting a license. Several of the pest companies here do them for 35.


I did, from that call I decided I would be subbing it out unless I someday buy a pest company. TN holds letters to a high standard I guess 🤷.


Yes they do…

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