Anybody knows what is this ?

There is some sort of a string, possibly a wire, hanging from the roof decking - never seen it before. Any ideas?? Could it have been some sort of an antena? I also saw a standard CB antena in the same attic. Thanks for any input.

And here is one more issue, please - floor joists in the crawl space have yellow powder coating - runs with the grain. I did see that before on the fir joists, and it seemed to be somehow related to the tannins or sap of the wood. It is powdery, almost grainy yellow “stuff”. Is this crystalization of the sap, or is it " a possible organic substance " ? Any takers ?

I vote for mold.

Did you try walking over to it? I can’t make it out to good from SC. How was the attic ventilated. That plywood looks shot from my bedroom.

Yes, the plywood is delaminating = previous water damage - fairly new roofing shingles - 7 years old. You can walk on it, and it still feels fairly solid, but will need new decking next time around. But I am curious about those strings/wires that are stapled to it. I can’t figure it out

Is it possible that they had something strung up there at one point. Poissible insulation or something back in the day?

I agree, looks like Penicillium mold to me. But I am not there. If it looks like mold, smells like mold and tastes like mold, it is mold. If it has no taste than testing, such as a tape lift, will need to be performed.

you can’t be serious.

C’mon John, you’ve been around here long enough to know that a Professional Home Inspector utilizes all of his/her senses during the course of an inspection. :p:D

My dilemma has always been what to do if it tastes like mold but has no smell. Should I sample it at that point?

That certainly looks like one moist crawlspace… I vote surface mold too… and it doesn’t taste that bad.
RE: Attic; You said those strings were stapled? Could they have been from red delivery truck flags? Or could it have been them danged attic mice had a lynchin’ again?

If it is not the three, I sample.

Don’t give it a dog lick but taste it at the end of your finger.