Anyone on Facebook?

Just started using Facebook and thought it would be good for peer to peer marketing. If you are on there, look me up.


I am on Facebook as well, and have been marketing through my daily message. I havnt had any luck however.

I figure the best marketing force is the people you arlready know, friends, family, and previous clients. I use my friends and family in my marketing all the time. Usually give them a small stack of business cards to keep in their cars. Word of mouth advertising has seemed to work out pretty well for me and I look at the social networking sites as just another venue to spread the word. I don’t expect to get all of my business from this kind of marketing, but the more your name gets out there on the internet adn in front of people, the better your website will do.


Start a Group on facebook called iNACHI, then really network!

I’ve got a Face Book account at

I just recently started an HI group, if your interested.


I just sent you a friend request.


I can’t locate you on Face Book.

Myspace IMO has a bigger presence when it comes to families and friends. Facebook is expanding however its still geared more towards college students.

That’s why I’m everywhere…

I’m on facebook as well as myyearbook. Got the link to iNACHI right there for anyone to see.

Who will be graduating (hopefully) and (hopefully) buying houses in 2-4 years!:mrgreen:

I live in an area that is saturated with colleges. Most of the students stick around and do an internship or residentcy after graduating. Just off the top of my head let’s see…

Wharton School of Business
Penn State Medical School
Jefferson Medical School
University of the Arts
St. Joseph’s University

All within about 15 miles of me…

Some families buy condo’s for their kids while they are going to medical and business school around here too.

You think I’m not marketing to college students?

Shotgun marketing works Billy…trust me.

How much time to y’all think you dedicte to social networking sites in a given week?

I joined a short time ago, had some web visits from there

Personally…I only dedicate a one or two hours a week when things are slow. Depends on how much I play around on there too. Stupid applications they have are those sites are addicting!

For me…it’s just another way of building inbound links to my website and getting my name out there in front of as many people as I can. You never know when someone is going to completely relocate for a job or whatever reason. If they see my name enough, who do you think they are going to call when they call around for a home inspection? I don’t limit my marketing to the area I immediately serve, I try to branch out every now and then. Marketing efforts haven’t been as diligent as when I first opened up for business because I really haven’t had the time. I really need to get a secretary after the first of the year to catch up on all of this stuff for me.

And don’t forget those overseas professionals who move over here or just might invite you over there on their dollar.:wink:

I spend 2 to 4 hours a week there.

I am on here, Bill Devries started a HI group

Check it out, send me a friend request,

Don’t forget to join the “Linkedin” network. It’s #1 for business/professional networking.

Check out the “InterNACHI Real Estate Network Group”:

745 members and growing since April 2008…

I thought the same thing originally. And now my opinion has TOTALLY changed. Facebook, as far as I’m concerned, is a classy version of myspace. It’s designed more for families and friends as seen by the notifications it sends when when it thinks you might know a person on the basis of mutual friends you have. The privacy settings are also better I think

Before, I thought it was predominantly college kids on it. Then I realized that I was extremely late in jumping on the Facebook bandwagon. Far better than Myspace.

While facebook it’s self may be not business oriented, the networking aspect can certainly help by the familiarity. I think it’s a great idea.

Has anyone ever got a job which was directly related to their Facebook or Myspace account?