Anyone want an inspection in Lehigh Acres, FL? Email me for client's contact info.


Just wondering if anyone else has experienced what I have on these requests for inspections in FL. So far I have only seen these for the State of Florida and Nick has sent me two of them which I immediately did a follow up on. In both cases, I got no reply to the emails and the phone numbers I got had “no longer in service” messages when I called. Just curious.

I got one from Nick so far, and it too went no where… I called several times (at different times) leaving messages and sent 2 e-mails, and never so much as a reply to tell me to stop calling. Which I finally did.

Same here. Odd that we got no response at all. Just wondering if someone is playing some kind of silly game here in Florida. I have never seen any other requests from another State. After the second one I got with bogus phone numbers I found it curious. I won’t waste any more time on these as I am staying busy enough. Thanks for the reply.

You can add me to the list. No one answered the phone or called back. I sent Nick an email and he sent me another name and number. I did finally get a hold of someone but they said they didn’t need the inspection anymore. Not really sure what is going on here. It was a commercial building where they needed it done the day that it was posted.

I also got a direct contact email from someone directly via iNachi website looking for a home inspector in my area. I sent out an email as there was no phone number and got back a second email that read like one of those Nigerian scam letters. The person’s name of course looked bogus as well…something like M***aurice B. Nefarious***. Trying to get me to go into some kind of convoluted business arrangement…more jobs down the road if this one works out. Gotta be careful out there these days…lots of scams being run.

We got one from Nick and my wife actually spoke with the guy. He wanted just a basic inspection on an 1800 sq.ft. no termite no wind mit. He aske her to snail mail a detailed proposal with sample report and he would get back to her. We never did. It didn’t appear to be legit

Kevin got 2 inspections from this same ad campaign last week. Some are hot leads, some are dead.

LMAO…are you seriously bragging about 2 leads for inspections? I mean the site says it generatred 1.35 million leads in the last 20 months and your bragging about a guy who got two in a month?

No, not all our leads or click-throughs to member’s sites. I meant that this current ad campaign in FL (where I ask on the message board if anyone wants a particular inspection). About 1/2 of them are good leads and 1/2 are dead. I don’t have a way to figure out which are which ahead of time though. As far as I can predict, I won’t ever come up with an easy way. We’ll just have to keep dispatching them and see what works for now.

Sounds fair enough…

I took this lead ( Thanks Nick) I have talked with clients, ( they were very nice and seem like serious buyers in the area) sent a proposal and am awaiting their plans for purchase, I’ll keep ya posted, thanks again Nick !

Please do keep us posted. I called ya Fred and no return call. I see how you are!

Tag your it ! Call me when you get a chance :wink:

Worked for me (see Nick’s post above). Obviously not all of them will pan out but something for nothing is a fair trade in my book :slight_smile:

OK I said I would keep you posted.

I just did this Lehigh Acres Home Inspection along with a pool, termite, wind mit and a full septic tank and drain field inspection. Thanks Nick and NACHI ! You just paid my yearly dues, I am very thankful :mrgreen:

How good is that ?

very good…

Do you sub out your WDO and Septic?

Yes to both. This septic inspection was a full NAWT 5 page On-sight Wastewater Treatment System Inspection Report by a licensed septic tank contractor.