AO Smith W/H 5-90deg elbows

The trpv of AO Smith water heater has 5-90deg elbows.
I could not find a manual that mentions number of bends nor types (i.e., 45/90 etc.)
Is there a limit?
Anyone have an AO Smith manual for a natural water heater?
Model FSG 50 248
SERIAL NO. MK02-1996942-248


I am trying to visualize this arrangement.

Any pictures?

I don’t have an AOS manual, but the most I’ve seen allowed in a manual is six, and all the manuals that I have read have said to keep the TPR drain pipe as short as possible while terminating it 6-12 inches above the ground.

Here’s the link to the AO Smith website:

No manual for your model, but this one is similar, assuming you mean natural gas.
On page 10 of this manual, halfway down the left column…

“Excessive length, over 30 feet, or use of more than four elbows can cause restriction and reduce the discharge capacity of the valve.”

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John Kogel