AO Smith WH assistance please...

None of my normal resources for AO Smith show this sequence.
Structure remodeled in 1980’s. Don’t know if the WH was part of remodel or not. Building 1930’s. (Has multiple WH’s).

AO Smith
Model: KEN 30
Serial: 870-F-79-09962

(Could be? '87 or '70 or '79 or ??)

Still works great. Structure is a church, which means everything gets a budget. Pastor would really like to know the age if possible.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Thanks Les. Forgot about that thread. '79 sure lines up with an early '80’s remodel, as well as the coloring and data plate style of the WH.

They don’t make them like used to!

Absolutely not. Considering the age, I still see them this old and in good operating condition as often as once or twice a month. They are always well maintained by the old man staying busy (and away from the wife)! :wink:

They sure don’t